Hi, I’m Becky and this is my website, mostly made up of my blog. I am currently working as a director at Interactive Scientific Ltd and I am on the creative team at Dollypop Theatre. I am interested in doing things that empower and explore human beings and their impact on the world around us. This is my personal blog, so it might touch on the work I do but it is also a way for me to express my thoughts and feelings about the myriad of things I have going on, and better understand this contradictory world we inhabit.

At Interactive Scientific I do that by creating education tools with a team of computer scientists, scientists and educationalists. The aim of this is to breakdown the barriers to understanding science and make it fun and accessible to all. I think that it is unfair that science is not often taught as a creative subject, too concerned with black and white, this alienates people who would thrive in science based careers. I have a PhD so in theory I am a woman in science, although I don’t work in a lab.

I am an actor, because I love performing and being on stage. My acting and theatre experience is so vital in the business world that I am now spending a lot of time in. At Dollypop our goal is to tell women’s stories. It is a really important to us to create a ball of positive feminine energy, creating theatre that is sensitive, funny, insightful and ultimately entertaining for everyone.

I am also an Airbnb host. I enjoy making the space cosy and pretty for people.