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I have recently been spending some time in the chemistry department where I did my PhD and I heard through the grapevine that I was remembered for my fashion (note, not my research or my brilliant mind! More on that in the future). I was also told that it didn’t take much to be remembered for fashion sense in a chemistry department- having a colour palette of more than 2 shades my clothing choices counted as interesting (I didn’t say that, a chemistry academic did). I was also asked by a colleague where this whole fashion thing came from. I […]

What does fashion mean to you?

The current issue of Elle UK magazine has 25% off River Island womenswear so I utilised it to spruce up by winter wardrobe. As it turns out I managed to get hold of some versatile stuff that should be good for this transitional time (which I discussed in my last post) and all the way into winter. Today I am going to show you just one outfit. Most things in the shops at the moment take me back to my teenage years and this dress optimises the late 90’s look. Body con, ribbed, over the knee, roll neck, sleeveless and a […]

River Island Haul – Outfit 1

Happy Easter everyone! I was meant to be going away for the day today, I’d blocked out a trip to the beach with my Auntie and Uncle because I felt like it was important to share some time with them and be with family on Easter day. Unfortunately, I felt atrocious when I woke up this morning and I am still not feeling great, so instead of spending 5 hours driving I have spent most of the day sleeping. I did find sometime to take a walk from my house and take some springtime photos. In the spirit of Easter […]

Happy Easter

It was my birthday this week and  I use my birthday as a day to look back and see what I have accomplished over the year and take a deep breath before stepping into the next set of challenges hopefully getting older and wiser whilst I pass the anniversary of my birth. The past year has definitely been the best year of my life in many ways, I have found certain things pretty stressful but I do feel like I am getting more and more comfortable in my skin and working hard to make my life one that serves me and helps me […]

Another year older

Next month my brother in law, Jon, is running the London Marathon, he is not one of these crazy people who goes around running loads of marathon, but he has worked tirelessly, training and getting fitter so he can reach his goal to run the marathon in order to help a cause that is important to him, Penny Brohn Cancer Care. I think that is pretty awesome and deserves celebrating. Please, please, please give any donation that you can afford on his just giving page, you know it will make you feel a little bit good about yourself, it will […]

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