About a month ago I was nominated for a Liebster award by Aimee at  inkylady79’s blog, and as part of accepting the nomination I have to nominate more bloggers and ask them a series of questions. The answers to the questions that Aimee posed for me are in my I got Nominated for a Liebster Award blog so check them out because they were a thought provoking set of questions. I have finally got around to posting some of my own. So, the “Liebster Award is a chain award created by bloggers and passed on from one blogger to another to encourage […]

Liebster award follow up

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In the past two weeks I have been part of an amazing group of women in Dollypop, debuting our show Strip and taking it on tour, which continues in Bristol in two weeks. In all honestly I have managed this in a haze of jet lag and illness and whilst being at a pressure point on my Nano Simbox project. Here is my behind the scene photo diary from our show at the Hen and Chicken in Islington, London, which took place on Monday 23rd Feb 2015.     It takes a little while to get used to working in new spaces….. […]

Dollypop Theatre on tour

We also did a pop up show in the Madinat Souk, which is a tourist souk near the theatre. Performing in a public space is tricky because people aren’t there to focus on you, so you have to work really hard to get them to stop talking and pay attention. The space is also totally different so you just have fun improvising movements and projecting your voice. This was a bit of a publicity thing to let the tourists know that we are here all week with a special Valentines show at the weekend – the Madinat is very much set […]

Dubai Diary 3

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For the next week I am going to be doing a diary of my time in Dubai. I do want to do another couple of blogs to close off my 28 blog challenge but that will be Internet permitting. Today was a special day, with our tired heads we went to a school for a q&a with students. But this wasn’t just any school, it has 5000 students and is huge!                                                             […]

Dubai diary day one

Yoga pose, king dancer
January has been full of online challenges this year. Not only have I been doing a 28 day blogging challenge but I have also just come to the end of a month long yoga challenge with @rebelaffair and hosts @nwoy, @jennifermartinyoga, @actionjacquelyn, @northcarolina_yogagirl. It has been an amazing challenge to do as it has connected me to amazing yoga people around the world and encouraged me to do some practice every day. I haven’t really improved my postures over the month but I have been having a challenging physical time, and just a bit of practice everyday has stopped me […]

Five Fun Friday Favourites – January Yoga Poses

I am a freelancer, I have huge ambitions and what sometimes seems like a little voice, by myself I can’t make all the changes that I want to see in the world. I need to have people in my life that help me to gain the clarity, confidence and impetus I need to keep stepping forward, which is ALWAYS necessary, whether things are going badly, or awesomely fantastic, or anywhere in between. A good mentor is someone who listens to you, offers advice, shares experiences but doesn’t have a vested interest in the direction you take and doesn’t pass judgement on […]

Who is mentoring you?

Good day everyone, I thought that it was about time that I introduce you to my YouTube channel, Spitting Diamonds, I like being on camera, I and I like to talk about myself without interruption so this is a great medium for me :p (as you can imagine a blog about narcissism is in the pipeline). If you are also a YouTuber leave your channel name in the comments and I will check it out. Following on from yesterday’s blog I thought that I would post a video that lets you into my life a little more and helps you […]

50 things about me (video)

I nearly didn’t write today, I am struggling with overwhelming need for sleep (following on from yesterday’s blog) and I didn’t feel like I could do justice to any of the writing that I really want to do. But I had a need for me to not let anything defeat my challenge to blog every day for 28 days so I decided to give you a sneak peak into my life by looking at what I chose to put on my bookshelf (actually this is not really a bookshelf, more a display cabinet). Although it houses mostly books. The first thing […]

Explore my shelves…..

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I suffer with problems in my joints, they have in the past been identified as autoimmune/connective tissue problems however I don’t have the blood markers to indicate a specific disease and my flare ups that debilitate are thankfully few and far between. But they are back. My pointing finger (which is that?) on my right hand has always been the worst hit and it has flared up like a bitch. For the last week it has been getting more and more sore and then on Friday I had a power nap in the car and woke up with it completely […]

Ow, my body hurts

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I’m performing this weekend and it makes me so happy. There are very few times in life when the real essence of me escapes the everyday shell that I wear, but when I am on stage (or in front of a camera) my life-force explodes showering over the unsuspecting audience. What I am saying is that I feel most like me and most truthful when I am pretending to be another person – weird, right?!? Yesterday was a blissful day for me, exhausting, but blissful, rehearsing two different shows and performing Romeo and Juliet, as well as writing a blog, doing a […]

Hey diddly dee – an actor’s life for me

Today is a special post, to my friend Jane McLeod, who is having a birthday today and who is also leaving Bath and leaving The Egg (Theatre Royal Bath) for warmer, sunnier climes. Ok that’s a lie, she is going to be moving “up north”, but her sun will be metaphorically burning bright as she dedicates herself to her creative pursuits and talents. Just remember you saw her here first (or maybe on YouTube, or at the Egg, or in one of her other performances), when she becomes a famous gazillionaire! Before you get excited, friends, I don’t expect that […]

Happy Birthday and a Farewell Compliment to Janey McLeod

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I have been a very lucky girl, because I have been to see Cirque Du Soleil twice in the last 3 weeks. Having wanted to go since I was a teenager, I wasn’t going to leave Vegas without seeing Ka which was playing in my hotel. It was spectacular, huge moving sets, and awe-inspiring performances. When I knew I was going to have a night in London, and found out that it coincided with Cirque Su Soleil showing at the Royal Albert Hall, I couldn’t pass up the chance to go and see Kooza. The trailer for Kooza: Kooza and […]

Five fun friday favourites – moments from Cirque du Soleil’s ...