Coming up……in 2015

I haven’t really paused for thought as we step into 2015, I was still working at 11pm on NYE and you know what they say:

“The way you spend NYE is a foreshadow for the rest of the year”


In some ways I don’t mind that the year began and continues with hard work, if 2015 gifts me the perpetual drive and mixture of interesting projects that I am currently running on then I am sorted, although I do hope that I have some breathing space because, for me, 2015 is all about QUALITY of work, life and play.

Becky Sage at Runyan Canyon

The reason for working a lot over the holiday season was because I had to travel with work at the beginning of January (more about this in future blogs), I have a lot of plates in the air so I needed to make sure that I had all of them spinning before I deserted the UK and found myself without time or an internet connection!

So, now I have returned, the first thing I have decided to do is move my New Year to today, 12th Jan, and pretend that the last week and a half was just a funny, happy, busy bubble.

Therefore, this is my obligatory resolutions blog and it coincides with a 28 day blog challenge that I am undertaking “Come Blog With Me”, hosted by Lotte Lane. I will be blogging EVERY DAY for the next 28, I will write a bit more about why I am taking this particular journey tomorrow.

Anyway, back to quality, what I mean by this is to give full attention to my work, experiences, goals, leisure etc, instead of flitting from one thing to another, spending most of my time fretting about the things that I am not doing or being. Quality, for me, is not about being dangerously perfectionist, I will face things head-on with strength, wisdom, kindness and courage.  This is a mantra that I intend to live by whilst attempting to achieve the following goals and resolutions:

My Goals for 2015

I am extremely lucky to have already fulfilled some of my goals for 2015, so I guess rather than sitting in the “hopes and dreams” category some things now sit in the done category, perhaps I should take them off the list but I think that it is helpful to recognise the good that is already in my life:

  • Performing: Perform Shakespeare Internationally (this is already in rehearsal), use theatre to put a spotlight on women, increase the number of IMDB credits that I have, pursue agents;
  • Producing: Continue to drive forward the nano-glovebox and other new projects;
  • Financial: Be financially stable and consistently busy with work;
  • Leisure: Visit friends in Los Angeles (this has already been ticked off), spend time with my family.

I am somewhat unsatisfied with these goals, I feel that these are slightly too vague at the moment but I don’t have the space to set realistic and inspiring goals, I think that I may revisit this list later in this blog series.


And by resolution I mean that I will in general try to make these things happen but without being hard and fast all the time

  • Read more;
  • Have a phone, TV and computer curfew of 10pm! (Sleeping quality is sooooo important);
  • Take pride in my work, views and appearance, which involves taking lessons or up-skilling where necessary, but also involves putting things “out-there” more often. I will take singing lessons and work on improving the quality of my YouTube videos;
  • Look after my health: this is important for me as I seem to be quite finely tuned, my physical or mental health goes and everything very quickly dismantles around it, this includes yoga daily, eating well and resting when necessary as well as setting some gymnastics, dance and yoga challenges through the year;
  • Use mentoring to its fullest, I have a mentor and I really value the time that we spend;
  • Be more assertive: I fear that if I express myself I become aggressive so I’m often too timid.

The title of this blog is coming up… 2015 so I should explain what is on the schedule for this blog in 2015. You will get more explanation of why I have certain goals and resolutions and more details about my journeys to achieve them, you will hear about Romeo and Juliet being performed in Dubai, about the show we are creating about strippers, about gymnastics and yoga and interactive science education tools. But more than anything else you will get strength, wisdom, kindness and courage – the kind of quality that I value.





  1. Richard
    January 12, 2015 / 10:19 pm

    The goals may seem bit vague but perhaps you could see them as challenging but achievable. Sometimes evolution not revolutions is best.

  2. January 13, 2015 / 11:01 am

    Me & the hubster were sleeping when the clock struck midnight, after spending an evening eating cheese and playing with budgeting software. Someone has a rock and roll year ahead!!

    Some great goals and resolutions here – looks like you have a good year ahead!

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