Five Fun Friday Favourites – January Yoga Poses

January has been full of online challenges this year. Not only have I been doing a 28 day blogging challenge but I have also just come to the end of a month long yoga challenge with @rebelaffair and hosts @nwoy, @jennifermartinyoga, @actionjacquelyn, @northcarolina_yogagirl. It has been an amazing challenge to do as it has connected me to amazing yoga people around the world and encouraged me to do some practice every day. I haven’t really improved my postures over the month but I have been having a challenging physical time, and just a bit of practice everyday has stopped me from completely seizing up. My yoga links are on the rhs of this post or you can find me by going to my instagram profile.

So here are my favourite yoga poses (asanas) from the January #rebelresolutions yoga challenge:

1. I know that you have probably seen this picture about 1 million times already, but I just love it so much. The clear sky, my first morning in LA, at this point it was about 7:45 am the sun had been up for about 45 mins and I had been out hiking on Runyan Canyon for about the same amount of time. The whole city can be seen from up here and I literally felt on top of the world. I felt cleansed, fresh and free. I had only flown in the day before and it felt so good to stretch my hips, legs and to open my chest, and my heart up.

Yoga pose, lunge in hollywood

2. Doing a workout in the mornings was the best thing when I was in Vegas, it was time to be me and to shake off the days in a claustrophobic city. My triangle pose is not particularly good, I find it hard not to pull my back hip forward, it definitely needs continual practice to open up my hips, I just love this photo because of the geometry of the pose with the geometry of the architecture, this was another yoga at sunrise moment. I do miss the types of sunrise that I was seeing in America, I hope that Dubai can be as good.


Yoga pose, triangle in Vegas


3. This is awesome because I was able to get in a bonus yoga practice in the airport at LAX, it was about 6am and everyone was looking at me like I was a nutter, but I had to look after my body when I knew that I was going to be travelling for 30 hours. Plus my bridge (wheel in yoga speak), has gradually been getting better, still work to do but I am pretty happy with this pose.

Yoga pose, wheel


4. Splits, have to be in this post, right? I am a gymnast after all, and this picture was taken on return to the UK where the skies were still blue so I wanted to get a photo outside but the ground was all bumpy and not suitable. So, why not do it on top of the car! #yogaeverywhere


Yoga pose, splits

5. This is my favourite yoga posture, King Dancer, and I NEVER thought that I would be able to do it again (I used to do it as a gymnast), but I have gradually been getting my flexibility back, one little bit at a time and I got my King Dancer for this picture. It is still rather intermittent I have to admit, but I felt very proud to get it back.

Yoga pose, king dancer


So that is my Five Favourites for this Friday. I am going to be continuing to do yoga challenges, and my friend @beckyboo1603 has recently tagged me in a February challenge #letsgetflexyin2015, which is exactly what I intend to do.





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