It’s National Gymnastics Day – according to someone, somewhere….


Having not posted a blog for almost a year, I have been drafting a whole bunch of posts explaining what I have been have been doing to keep me away from writing and the impact of not expressing my voice via this medium.

However, I read on FloGymnastics that 17th September 2016 is National Gymnastics Day in ten countries, not including the UK  (and the birthday of my beautiful sister and cousin – 2 different people, my sister isn’t my cousin!) and given that gymnastics is my first love and MAJOR obsession, I thought that it was very apt to use this as an excuse to start writing again.

My big announcement is that I am going to do a competition on the 11th December, and when I say BIG I mean BIIIIIGGGG! Competing, even in a small local competition, is terrifying and takes preparation, trust in my body and confidence in myself. I am lucky to have a team of friends and coaches who are almost as excited as I am. Why is it terrifying? Because I will have to do new skills, put together routines and then have just one chance to show judges, I am scared of falling even if I have prepared so well that none of my practice routines have a fall. Plus, I defy anyone to not think it is terrifying to flip backwards on a 4 inch piece of wood. But I am so excited, I haven’t competed in gymnastics for the last seventeen years, that is half of my life, and I am as good a gymnast as I have ever been, I think that it is amazing to have the opportunity to show that off.

So here are a few videos of my current gymnastics status, I will keep you posted on my progress.

Now go and do a cartwheel or a flip in honour of National Gymnastics Day. And watch out because bloggy Becky is back and my voice is stronger and louder than ever.

Becky x

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