How I won £50k for Innovation and my tips to help you do it too….
The MindStyling Podcast Trailer
Survive2thrive coaching
Nuts about Yoga
4 ways a lack of sleep may be holding you back from career progression — and how to get more shut-eye
Five Top Tips: Finding your place in the local tech community
Positive coaching for gymnastics, education and life
What is Life Coaching?
What is Leadership Coaching?
What is executive coaching?
A Sacred Space: Client story
How does my personality type deal with stress?
5 Top Tips: Public Speaking
My journey into coaching
How I beat anxiety
Impact of winning the Ray Barnes award
Virtual reality in Education
Finding Space to be Excellent
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A post NOT about women in science – by a woman in science
Breaking the pain barrier
Time for transition
We should all be feminists
Another year older
Quick request
I got nominated for a Liebster Award
Sweet surrender
Happy International Women’s Day
Why do I need to write?
Dollypop Theatre on tour
How to get through a virus….
2 weeks 2 countries 2 shows
Dubai Diary 8 – meet the team
Dubai diary 7
Twitter question: what or who inspired me to act?
Dubai Diary 5 – opening night!
Dubai Diary 4
Dubai Diary 3
Dubai Diary 2
Dubai diary day one
I’m going to Dubai – right now!
Friday Favourites – Why it is amazing to work at the Watershed
Have you ever had a ping moment? A moment of discovery?
The trailer for STRIP has arrived
How to make the doctor listen to you…
Can you be a feminine scientist? Or a science-y female?
Why is it ok for everyone to take the p***?
Why can’t I stop talking about stripping?
Five Fun Friday Favourites – January Yoga Poses
Who is mentoring you?
50 things about me (video)
Explore my shelves…..
Ow, my body hurts
Hey diddly dee – an actor’s life for me
Happy Birthday and a Farewell Compliment to Janey McLeod
Five fun friday favourites – moments from Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza
BETT in pictures – #BETT2015 part 2
I BETT I can teach you a thing or two about tech education – BETT 2015 part 1
Try something new today
Do you want to learn how to hold molecules?
Discover the power of sleep
The Theory of Everything – film review
An open letter to my family and friends
Top ten lines from Romeo and Juliet
The sun will rise (and set)
Sure, I’ll come blog with you
Coming up……in 2015
Stripped back and ready for Christmas
Autumn catch up
Investigating Aimee
My Top Ten Gymnasts at Nanning 2014
Guest blog – Why I Grieve For A Man I never Met
Creative science
Anita – crazy lady
5 women that give me get up and go
My Mayfest
Material People: Is is ok to like pretty things? Part 3
The impact: Is it ok to like pretty things? Part 2
Is it ok to like pretty things? Part 1
What’s my age again?
Doing it alone………THE MONOLOGUE
Just me – the introvert?
5 audition mistakes
It’s my birthday :)
A Devonshire Tribute
5 important on-set lessons
Finding Rita
In contrast
Starry Night
Another portrait
Travel light
The Collection
Working hard
Sunny Day
The Couch
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