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Ow, my body hurts

I suffer with problems in my joints, they have in the past been identified as autoimmune/connective tissue problems however I don’t have the blood markers to indicate a specific disease and my flare ups that debilitate are thankfully few and far between. But they are back. My pointing finger (which is that?) on my right […]

Hey diddly dee – an actor’s life for me

I’m performing this weekend and it makes me so happy. There are very few times in life when the real essence of me escapes the everyday shell that I wear, but when I am on stage (or in front of a camera) my life-force explodes showering over the unsuspecting audience. What I am saying is that […]

Try something new today

Today has been a mixture of amazing things and rubbish things. Sorry to be frightfully British, but the weather, eughhhh! It is  so grey that I am suspicious about whether or not the sun actually rose at all and If the sun is having a duvet day then why can’t I! And then my tax […]

Do you want to learn how to hold molecules?

Hold out your arm in front of you, stretch your hand open wide, now bend your fingers in, make a fist, hold on tight………. OMG – you are holding molecules!! I am making the assumption that you are not stood in a vacuum or deep space as you read this blog. I thought that It is […]

Discover the power of sleep

I love sleep, sleep is God to me. I need a lot of sleep. On Saturday night I fell asleep at 9pm and woke up at about 6:30am, that was a good night’s sleep to me. I could start the day feeling alive, happy, creative and productive. Last night I had about 6hours sleep, which […]

The Theory of Everything – film review

Warning – potato based spoilers! This weekend I went to see the Theory of Everything at the cinema. And, let me tell you, this is a film about everything – life, love, illness, mortality, science, academia, time, family, religion and more. It charts the life of Stephen Hawking, through his PhD, discovery that he has […]

An open letter to my family and friends

Dear Family and Friends Before I start, I should say that this isn’t some deep confession of an innermost secret or some scandalous gossip about my life but something that has been niggling away at me for a while. This is addressed to family and friends, I mean that in the broadest sense, and if […]

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