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Top ten lines from Romeo and Juliet

I have been rehearsing Romeo and Juliet for months now for a tour in Dubai in February. However in order to perform in Dubai you have to get official government approval, we have been waiting on tenterhooks for ages, knowing that the whole thing will be derailed if the government decide that we are not allowed […]

The sun will rise (and set)

Eughhh! Real life has struck again. You may have gleaned from my recent posts that I have been travelling since new year. For work, not pleasure (well some pleasure) but regardless it has taken me away from real life. And whilst travelling has its own stresses it takes me away from the normal every day […]

Sure, I’ll come blog with you

So, as I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post I have embarked on a 28 day blog writing challenge. This is probably the busiest month that I have had for the last year, if not longer, I have my fingers in many pies and they are getting sticky, so why, why, why would I add something else […]

Coming up……in 2015

I haven’t really paused for thought as we step into 2015, I was still working at 11pm on NYE and you know what they say: “The way you spend NYE is a foreshadow for the rest of the year” Yikes! In some ways I don’t mind that the year began and continues with hard work, if […]

Stripped back and ready for Christmas

  One cold, blustery evening in the lead up to Christmas, in the beautiful Georgian city of Bath, a number of women, including myself, gathered in an underground bar, surrounded by glitter, tea lights and provocative underwear. Amongst many topics we discussed female empowerment, body image, artistic expression and why women take their clothes off […]


It has all gone a bit crazy over the last couple of weeks with all projects seeming to kick off at once, but that is great because I have a lot of things to get my teeth into. The biggest project that I am working on at the moment is danceroom Spectroscopy – or at […]

Autumn catch up

With the seasons changing and a lot of projects kicking off I would like to take this opportunity to reflect back on the beautiful autumn with these lovely photos taken in the bliss of crisp, blue sky, red-leaved autumnal goodness. These photos were taken at Chew Valley Lake, which has a special place in my […]

Investigating Aimee

A couple of weeks ago I filmed a short film called Investigation directed and written by Serge Fronckevic, who was also officially self-appointed “comer upper of the songs” on set. I really enjoyed playing my character, Aimee, she had some physical differences to me including tattoos and purple hair. The make-up hair and costume team were […]

My Top Ten Gymnasts at Nanning 2014

In honour of the 2014 World Championships taking place in Nanning this week I thought that I would post my ideal top ten gymnasts (of those who are competing). These aren’t the girls that I think should get the top ten places in the current code but the ones that I wish would place in the […]

Creative science

I have recently started working on a project which is ideal for me, it is called danceroom Spectroscopy (dS) and it ticks a lot of Becky boxes! I would describe dS as a system that visualises the nano-world and enables human “energy fields” to interact with it.  The visualisations come from up-to-date chemical physics models that […]

Anita – crazy lady

Please meet Anita. Previously a fifteen year old prostitute, she is now locked in an old fashioned repressive mental hospital and all her mental health symptoms have come to light. She is a character I played in the new show “wEight Off My Shoulders”, directed by Gabriele Paoli and produced by the Italian Cultural Centre of […]

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