behind the scenes

We have finally opened our show to Dubai audiences and it was amazing. The two shows today were largely school’s parties, which fits Romeo and Juliet very well. Juliet is the same age as the majority of the audience so I think that they can relate to a lot of the things that she goes through. The disagreements and subsequent blow-ups with her parents, her bossiness, her sweetness, flirtations and awakening desires.   The audiences lifted my performance, my version of Juliet directs a lot of her monologues directly to the audience and the relationship with them is very important. […]

Dubai Diary 5 – opening night!

Wow, I can’t believe it is time for Dubai Diary number 4 already! Today (Tuesday 10th) was all day at the theatre, it was a technical rehearsal followed by the dress rehearsal. All-in-all it went very smoothly, in fact the technical rehearsal, which is notoriously arduous, went swimmingly.   However, I personally felt a little clunky and out of the zone. Usually in a tech rehearsal you don’t get to do most of your scenes you do top and tailing – which means you skip from technical que to technical que. The technical rehearsal is exactly what it says on […]

Dubai Diary 4

I’m performing this weekend and it makes me so happy. There are very few times in life when the real essence of me escapes the everyday shell that I wear, but when I am on stage (or in front of a camera) my life-force explodes showering over the unsuspecting audience. What I am saying is that I feel most like me and most truthful when I am pretending to be another person – weird, right?!? Yesterday was a blissful day for me, exhausting, but blissful, rehearsing two different shows and performing Romeo and Juliet, as well as writing a blog, doing a […]

Hey diddly dee – an actor’s life for me