I have recently started working on a project which is ideal for me, it is called danceroom Spectroscopy (dS) and it ticks a lot of Becky boxes! I would describe dS as a system that visualises the nano-world and enables human “energy fields” to interact with it.  The visualisations come from up-to-date chemical physics models that scientists use to describe what happens in the world of atoms, molecules and other tiny invisible particles. Quantum physics has always been one of my favourite parts of science as it is a bit of a fantasy world that doesn’t necessary behave in an obvious […]

Creative science

I don’t know if I am an introvert, if I am I don’t know if I want to label myself. But I did a personality profile (was forced to by a boss) that did, in fact, label me as such, so I wanted to examine the world through introverted eyes (so to speak). A world where being social and outgoing are celebrated, even necessary. “When it comes to creativity and leadership we need introverts doing what they do best”,  Susan Cain I recently read an article in company magazine, written by Stevie Martin who describes introversion as “not being the same […]

Just me – the introvert?