Hi everyone I was going to write a serious blog today about women in science, it is a subject about which I have a lot to say and I have a lot of experience of. However, it is Saturday (now Sunday), it has been a long week and my heart and mind do not want to reach deeply into a subject that involves me having to delve into difficult times, try not to step on people’s toes and articulate my thoughts in a reasoned manner. For many reasons this is a topic that is not appropriate to tackle via a […]

A post NOT about women in science – by a ...

It has all gone a bit crazy over the last couple of weeks with all projects seeming to kick off at once, but that is great because I have a lot of things to get my teeth into. The biggest project that I am working on at the moment is danceroom Spectroscopy – or at least that is what I have been calling it until now, we are in fact creating a brand new product and you can see us testing it at the Pervasive Media Studio here: Playing with H2O with @Becky_sage and all wishing we had @danceSpec's Nano-Glove […]