I was asked this question on twitter by @28_Maryam1D (Maryam Hashi) and I felt like it needed more time and consideration than other questions I’ve had, so I am going to devote a whole blog to answering it. First of all, my main drive for acting is inside me, I can always remember wanting to be on a stage or TV, when I was young I thought that it was something that everyone wanted to do. I couldn’t imagine that you would really want to do anything else (in some ways I still can’t). I don’t know where it came from in […]

Twitter question: what or who inspired me to act?

Today is a special post, to my friend Jane McLeod, who is having a birthday today and who is also leaving Bath and leaving The Egg (Theatre Royal Bath) for warmer, sunnier climes. Ok that’s a lie, she is going to be moving “up north”, but her sun will be metaphorically burning bright as she dedicates herself to her creative pursuits and talents. Just remember you saw her here first (or maybe on YouTube, or at the Egg, or in one of her other performances), when she becomes a famous gazillionaire! Before you get excited, friends, I don’t expect that […]

Happy Birthday and a Farewell Compliment to Janey McLeod

My last post was about being an introvert so it seems appropriate that I would talk about preparing monologues – a very singular activity. I seem to be faced with a lot of monologue auditions at the moment. They are not deemed to necessarily be a very effective way of judging whether someone is right for a part by “the industry” (that strange mythical creature), but that is largely because a lot of “the industry” is commercial and TV work. However, I have applied for a Masters at Drama school (only at Central as they have a very strong masters […]

Doing it alone………THE MONOLOGUE

  I am currently researching for a film role that I am about to start work on. In the film I play the female lead, Rita, a ghost from the 1970s. The first thing I wanted to do was understand the world from which Rita originated. So I did a bit of research on the 1970s which included watching this BBC documentary: The hardest thing for me to do as a performer is to un-remember a world where thai food, selfies and flat screen TVs are the norm. All these things are new to Rita and therefore have to be […]

Finding Rita