Why can’t I stop talking about stripping? The simple answer is that I am making a show about strippers. But the real question is why decide to create a show as part of Dollypop Theatre Company that highlights that stories of strippers and burlesque dancers? I have wanted to work with Dollypop for a while, they are an all female theatre company telling the stories of women. So the first reason for choosing to do this show is that I want to work with people that are giving women opportunities and a mouthpiece. I don’t have a problem with men […]

Why can’t I stop talking about stripping?

  One cold, blustery evening in the lead up to Christmas, in the beautiful Georgian city of Bath, a number of women, including myself, gathered in an underground bar, surrounded by glitter, tea lights and provocative underwear. Amongst many topics we discussed female empowerment, body image, artistic expression and why women take their clothes off for a living. Over cocktails we talked of plans to bring our conversation to the wider world and began to bond as we understood a bit more about ourselves, about each other and about the world we live in. However, men of the world need […]

Stripped back and ready for Christmas