Today has been a mixture of amazing things and rubbish things. Sorry to be frightfully British, but the weather, eughhhh! It is ┬áso grey that I am suspicious about whether or not the sun actually rose at all and If the sun is having a duvet day then why can’t I! And then my tax return, a poltergeist had stolen all my relevant paperwork required to submit it, and when I finally did manage to get all the information that I needed I got burned by the tax man, I know, inevitable, needless to say I know where all of […]

Try something new today

I am often told that I look at things negatively (I personally think that I observe the issues in order to put them right, but I can see how that can be seen as focusing on the negative). So I thought I would just go completely negative and document 5 mistakes that I made in today’s audition: I called a panel member by the wrong name – actually I called someone else by the wrong name in front of the panel, which was the name of one of my prospective directors, all very confusing. I chose the wrong song to […]

5 audition mistakes