It is going to be a quick one today mostly pictures, because I am feeling tired and my computer is playing up! Yesterday we did two shows, the first was to a full house of schools and the second was our first evening show, they were extremely contrasting audiences, with the schools being extremely vocal, a little chatty and very supportive. It turns out that there is a different theatre etiquette here, possibly because there is not much exposure to theatre, and on the whole I liked it. The level of despair expressed by the audience during the Romeo and […]

Dubai diary 7

I was asked this question on twitter by @28_Maryam1D (Maryam Hashi) and I felt like it needed more time and consideration than other questions I’ve had, so I am going to devote a whole blog to answering it. First of all, my main drive for acting is inside me, I can always remember wanting to be on a stage or TV, when I was young I thought that it was something that everyone wanted to do. I couldn’t imagine that you would really want to do anything else (in some ways I still can’t). I don’t know where it came from in […]

Twitter question: what or who inspired me to act?

We have finally opened our show to Dubai audiences and it was amazing. The two shows today were largely school’s parties, which fits Romeo and Juliet very well. Juliet is the same age as the majority of the audience so I think that they can relate to a lot of the things that she goes through. The disagreements and subsequent blow-ups with her parents, her bossiness, her sweetness, flirtations and awakening desires.   The audiences lifted my performance, my version of Juliet directs a lot of her monologues directly to the audience and the relationship with them is very important. […]

Dubai Diary 5 – opening night!

  I have talked about the show that I am working on with Dollypop Theatre Company in a couple of previous blogs: Why Can’t I Stop Talking About Stripping? Stripped back and ready for Christmas We are now only 2 weeks away from opening night!! Tickets are available from the venues: Ustinov Studio 18th Feb 2015 and Alma Tavern 17th-21st March  And keep up with the Dollypop Facebook Page for more information We have had a couple of amazing rehearsals, this is a brand new piece of theatre, so it takes shape more and more in each rehearsal. It is becoming […]

The trailer for STRIP has arrived

I have been rehearsing Romeo and Juliet for months now for a tour in Dubai in February. However in order to perform in Dubai you have to get official government approval, we have been waiting on tenterhooks for ages, knowing that the whole thing will be derailed if the government decide that we are not allowed to do the show. But today we finally got approval for the shows which will be on at the Madinat Theatre from the 11th – 14th February. Yay!!   I am playing Juliet so, in celebration, I am going to share my top ten Juliet […]

Top ten lines from Romeo and Juliet

  One cold, blustery evening in the lead up to Christmas, in the beautiful Georgian city of Bath, a number of women, including myself, gathered in an underground bar, surrounded by glitter, tea lights and provocative underwear. Amongst many topics we discussed female empowerment, body image, artistic expression and why women take their clothes off for a living. Over cocktails we talked of plans to bring our conversation to the wider world and began to bond as we understood a bit more about ourselves, about each other and about the world we live in. However, men of the world need […]

Stripped back and ready for Christmas

Please meet Anita. Previously a fifteen year old prostitute, she is now locked in an old fashioned repressive mental hospital and all her mental health symptoms have come to light. She is a character I played in the new show “wEight Off My Shoulders”, directed by Gabriele Paoli and produced by the Italian Cultural Centre of Bristol. I think that it represented a society that would rather define individuals as suffering from mental health conditions than focusing on the societal pressures that make those symptoms come to light. I loved working with some very talented, female (and 1 male) actors I […]

Anita – crazy lady

Age is something that society seems extremely obsessed with, I don’t personally understand it, other than a form of judging people based on what they look like. In the acting industry it makes a lot of sense, we have to portray a character that is believable to the audience, which includes matching our physical appearance to the circumstances of the character. I recently got a new set of headshots done by a wonderful headshot photographer called Anna Hull. She was able to get varied shots, and she only used natural light, which I think adds to the authentic nature of […]

What’s my age again?

My last post was about being an introvert so it seems appropriate that I would talk about preparing monologues – a very singular activity. I seem to be faced with a lot of monologue auditions at the moment. They are not deemed to necessarily be a very effective way of judging whether someone is right for a part by “the industry” (that strange mythical creature), but that is largely because a lot of “the industry” is commercial and TV work. However, I have applied for a Masters at Drama school (only at Central as they have a very strong masters […]

Doing it alone………THE MONOLOGUE