It was my birthday last week, and I didn’t have any big celebrations or lots of presents, as I was on tour and prepping for a couple of important auditions. However, I did give pause for thought about what has happened this year and to give myself a little pat on the back for the journey I have taken. I started the year with some pretty difficult things happening and it is easy to let negatives overpower our memories, so, here is an appreciation of what I am grateful for. I do admit to some self-indulgence as I remember […]

It’s my birthday :)

I have just completed the main bulk of filming on a low budget short film called “The Long Autumn Months”. With just over a week on set, and a sufficient amount of drama I learnt A LOT, but my top 5 tips are: 1. Always bring a dressing gown On set hours are long and uncomfortable, obviously this probably doesn’t apply if you are Jennifer Lawrence, but be prepared to be cold and wet, with little space to change, warm up and get comfortable! A dressing gown can be used to change under, to keep you warm or to replace […]

5 important on-set lessons

  I am currently researching for a film role that I am about to start work on. In the film I play the female lead, Rita, a ghost from the 1970s. The first thing I wanted to do was understand the world from which Rita originated. So I did a bit of research on the 1970s which included watching this BBC documentary: The hardest thing for me to do as a performer is to un-remember a world where thai food, selfies and flat screen TVs are the norm. All these things are new to Rita and therefore have to be […]

Finding Rita