It is going to be a quick one today mostly pictures, because I am feeling tired and my computer is playing up! Yesterday we did two shows, the first was to a full house of schools and the second was our first evening show, they were extremely contrasting audiences, with the schools being extremely vocal, a little chatty and very supportive. It turns out that there is a different theatre etiquette here, possibly because there is not much exposure to theatre, and on the whole I liked it. The level of despair expressed by the audience during the Romeo and […]

Dubai diary 7

Yoga pose, king dancer
January has been full of online challenges this year. Not only have I been doing a 28 day blogging challenge but I have also just come to the end of a month long yoga challenge with @rebelaffair and hosts @nwoy, @jennifermartinyoga, @actionjacquelyn, @northcarolina_yogagirl. It has been an amazing challenge to do as it has connected me to amazing yoga people around the world and encouraged me to do some practice every day. I haven’t really improved my postures over the month but I have been having a challenging physical time, and just a bit of practice everyday has stopped me […]

Five Fun Friday Favourites – January Yoga Poses

Eughhh! Real life has struck again. You may have gleaned from my recent posts that I have been travelling since new year. For work, not pleasure (well some pleasure) but regardless it has taken me away from real life. And whilst travelling has its own stresses it takes me away from the normal every day demands of work, home and internal pressures. Today I woke up tired, my eyes felt gritty until about lunch time and pressure was building behind my forehead. Everything I did took about 3 goes, I couldn’t find anything that I needed and leaving the house […]

The sun will rise (and set)