5 audition mistakes

I am often told that I look at things negatively (I personally think that I observe the issues in order to put them right, but I can see how that can be seen as focusing on the negative). So I thought I would just go completely negative and document 5 mistakes that I made in today’s audition:

  1. I called a panel member by the wrong name – actually I called someone else by the wrong name in front of the panel, which was the name of one of my prospective directors, all very confusing.
  2. I chose the wrong song to sing – a song that I have used a lot in auditions because I am confident about it, having trained it a lot. However, the said song is an American song and the audition was for some very English shows. It didn’t help that  I sang my song in an American accent! I have since discovered that I can only sing songs in an American accent, I blame Madonna and Britney Spears for that.bear-159997_640
  3. I couldn’t think of a British folk song – be honest, on the spot, can you?!? This happened after the aforementioned American song incident, when they asked me to sing something else. I have now checked wikipedia and I still don’t know any British Folk songs: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:English_folk_songs.
  4. I went out of key singing happy birthday. The whole song choice thing left me a bit thrown and I was concentrating so hard on singing in RP that I wasn’t really prepared for the high note in Happy Birthday!
  5. My monologues weren’t “fiery” enough, so the panel gave me another monologue to learn and deliver to them 10 mins later. This is a bit of good and bad, my initial performances must have been ok, otherwise they wouldn’t have asked me to read more.

I will let you know if I get that call – if I do, I have a feeling that it will be a non-singing role!

What are your “bad audition” stories? Leave your stories in the comments…..




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