5 women that give me get up and go

I am super busy at the moment, with new projects starting, a show next week and I am currently reviewing the Bath Fringe Festival for Theatre Bath on my YouTube channel, Spitting Diamonds so today’s blog is short. Here is one of my reviews, go to my channel if you want to see more.

My blogs have been quite heavy recently so I thought that I would do a light one. These are 5 women who give me a slightly warm feeling of empowerment, women who give me just a little sprinkling of magic dust to keep me going through the day. Let me know who gives you this kind of get-up-and-go:

1. Shakira

Currently obsessed with watching her music videos on Vevo when I am working from home. Why?

  • She can wear a crop top and jeans or sheer sequinned dresses and somehow doesn’t look at all trashy!
  • Her body – the way it moves and curves, it is very sexy but so strong – makes me want to eat well and work out hard.
  • Her lyrics – English is a second language so her turn of phrase is just so different to anything else you will hear. Do any other artists talk about reading a poem to a horse?

Enjoy this video:

2. Eva Peron


Slightly controversial but I love Eva Peron, she was a woman who came from nothing to become an icon. She was loved and hated but she was powerful and to me that is a good thing in a woman. When the film Evita came out I watched it so many times and I devoured Eva Peron biographies. Part of the controversy was her glamour especially in a world of a lot of deprivation, I think it is part of the reason I am drawn to her though. She did so much in a very short life, her motivations are largely thought to have been selfish ones but regardless she made a huge impact. Sometimes this gives me feelings of inadequacy, although she did die when she was just a year older than I am now so she did have to pack a lot in to a short time. She drives me because she just kept persevering, always moving forward.

3. Tina Fey

I love everything that she writes and I love watching her particularly on 30 rock. Bossypants helped me understand a lot about feminism. She never takes herself too seriously and despite being an amazing talent she somehow makes me feel like it is attainable to be likeable and successful (whatever that means to you). Makes me want to stick to my guns. Oh and if nothing else is working for me, I can just watch Mean Girls and I will be a little bit happier.

I am also going to add Amy Poelher as an additional one alongside Tina Fey, I particularly like Ask Amy on YouTube:

4. Zooey Deschanel

Perhaps too obvious, especially following on from Tina Fey but she is just someone who could be your best friend. Plus she co-founded Hello Giggles, which is my go-to website if I just want a little pick me up. She sings in a band and I love the way she plays new characters but completely retains her own quirky character.

5. Shawn Johnson

This list would be incomplete without a gymnast, their work ethic is completely unmatchable. She also has established “The Body Department” which has a lot of motivation, recipes, DIY, fitness tips to help people to love themselves and love their bodies, and when she was 15 on Ellen she was the cutest thing in the whole world.

There are so many other people who could be on this list, these ladies are all in the public eye and all based in the Americas. I think that I will probably make more of these lists, it is nice to acknowledge people who can make a positive difference and I like to focus on the positives. I think that I need to focus closer to home next time – maybe British women. The actors that I have cited are comedians, which seems to be something that I gravitate more towards as I get older. Don’t forget to tell me who gives you get-up-and-go!



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