Coaching with Becky

My coaching philosophy is human-centric and solutions-focused, recognising that we all have intrinsic barriers that make it harder to reach our goals but that processes and clear steps can help us be more pragmatic.

Whilst I have managed to grow recognition in a high-powered business role, I have faced many challenges. I have suffered burnout, dealt with toxic people, recovered from an eating disorder that controlled my life, and learned to manage depression, anxiety, neurodiversity, and a chronic autoimmune condition.

Going through many experiences myself has helped me to gain insight that can help other founders and women in the workplace.

Overcoming these challenges has been a fantastic learning opportunity that gives me the experience to help others to overcome their challenges, reach their goals and live a happy thriving life.

Outside of work, I spend a lot of time doing gymnastics and I love performing and competing.

I am a certified coach and experienced mentor, having mentored for the LIF global innovators programme and for investors who are looking for support for their founders. As a founder of Exponential Changemakers, I regularly coach and mentor the women in our community.


Coaching Enquiry

If you are looking for coaching or mentoring please contact me on Linked in or Instagram.