A Sacred Space: Client story

A Sacred Space: Client story

All my coaching clients have different goals and different journey’s that they go on. Regardless of whether my clients are online or face to face, working on their business, project or their life more generally, I have a responsibility to provide them with a sacred space. Here is one client’s reflection:

Once I’d booked in for Life Coaching, Becky recommended that I think about a few specific areas I’d like to focus on; this in itself shifted my mindset so that I was beginning to pay attention to thoughts that I had previously put aside.

The atmosphere within the session was warm and welcoming. I felt as though this space and time that had been carved out was sacred and safe. I was able to go deeper into topics that most of the time are ignored but which really deserve attention.

Becky listened without judgement and asked critical questions that guided the session and had a lot of background knowledge, which I found thought-provoking. Since the first session I have put a number of small changes into practice, which I am sticking to because I know I am now accountable to someone (in a good way!).

Little droplets of our conversations continue to motivate and inspire me. Knowing that I can return to that safe space with Becky to reflect is reassuring, particularly when I am faced with challenges or insecurities. I am confident that this time is time well spent that will not only have a positive impact on me, but like a ripple, will spread and positively impact others around me.

Thanks Becky


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