Dollypop Theatre on tour

In the past two weeks I have been part of an amazing group of women in Dollypop, debuting our show Strip and taking it on tour, which continues in Bristol in two weeks. In all honestly I have managed this in a haze of jet lag and illness and whilst being at a pressure point on my Nano Simbox project.

Here is my behind the scene photo diary from our show at the Hen and Chicken in Islington, London, which took place on Monday 23rd Feb 2015.

Oh good they are expecting us and I brought a friendly face to be part of the audience (she doesn’t like photos though)!


There is a lot of stuff to carry and as designated driver my car is full of sets and props.


AAAh how are we going to make the technical stuff work!! More about this in a future blog.

It takes a little while to get used to working in new spaces…..





The set is simple but looks great under the lights…….

DSC03422  DSC03430

DSC03418 DSC03425

This is a play about strippers and burlesque stars so all hands were on deck for the hair and makeup!DSC03446 DSC03447 DSC03448 DSC03437 DSC03451 DSC03452

A few deep breaths and final touches………



And with props in hand it is on with the show..

DSC03435 DSC03436  DSC03440 DSC03441





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