Dubai Diary 4

Dubai Diary 4

IMG_2395Wow, I can’t believe it is time for Dubai Diary number 4 already!

Today (Tuesday 10th) was all day at the theatre, it was a technical rehearsal followed by the dress rehearsal. All-in-all it went very smoothly, in fact the technical rehearsal, which is notoriously arduous, went swimmingly.


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However, I personally felt a little clunky and out of the zone. Usually in a tech rehearsal you don’t get to do most of your scenes you do top and tailing – which means you skip from technical que to technical que. The technical rehearsal is exactly what it says on the time – a rehearsal for the technical team. It is not meant to be about the actors performance. However in this technical rehearsal we did full scenes, which was a great opportunity to keep our lines fresh in our heads. George, our technical director is amazing and can run a technical rehearsal with his eyes closed – he is the right amount of assertive and calm and laid back and he really helped keep things slick today.

IMG_2393  IMG_2389  IMG_2397


The technical rehearsal is always a time when fuses get a little shorter and frustrations start to emerge, and, I’m not going to lie, there was a tiny bit of grouchiness on my part, purely out of tiredness. I was woken up a few times last night with painful swollen joints and the effects were still there today. As I type this I have quivers running through my burning, throbbing, red, toes on my left foot and I have struggled with fatigue today.


I was happy with the dress rehearsal, it wasn’t the best ever from my performance perspective but I found some interesting new things to add depth to my character (which is something that always continues to develop for me) and I watched other parts of the show, which were great, I am feeling a good energy running through the show, it just needs a sold out house tomorrow to take it to the next level, which is has 🙂





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