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I nearly didn’t write today, I am struggling with overwhelming need for sleep (following on from yesterday’s blog) and I didn’t feel like I could do justice to any of the writing that I really want to do.

But I had a need for me to not let anything defeat my challenge to blog every day for 28 days so I decided to give you a sneak peak into my life by looking at what I chose to put on my bookshelf (actually this is not really a bookshelf, more a display cabinet). Although it houses mostly books.


The first thing to note about me is that I like big books, big books for writing in and big books for flicking through for enjoyment and inspiration.

Those of you who work with me probably know that I love a big book and a sharpie and my mind is really not altogether unless I have brainstormed things in a really large piece of paper. I also like to scrap book and I also made a display book for all my acting credentials

DSC03342DSC03343 DSC03344DSC03347

I like nice things and I am particularly into coloured glass, like this Dartington Crystal vase, which I got for a bargain from an outlet village a number of years ago.

DSC03333 DSC03326

Now on to the books (and stuff). Roots is a DVD box set which I had for Christmas and I am yet to watch and the perpetual puzzle was also a Christmas gift, I guess these will come into play as and when a dry spell kicks in in my work calendar! Or maybe if I get a weekend at some point. Housed beneath are my voice and speech books, which I should be using every  day to keep my “instrument” strong and healthy, but that will also probably remain on the shelf until the aforementioned dry patch!




Sustainability and fashion also exist side by side in my bookshelf and in my life, you put them together and you get…………Sustainable Fashion as is described in this tatty old version of Green is the New Black, which I love. I also talked about it in a blog series that I did last year starting with: Is it ok to like pretty things: part 1.



As you may have gleaned from reading previous blogs, such as: Hey diddly dee an actors life for me and Stripped Back and Ready for Christmas I am doing a show about Burlesque and stripping, I already had this Dita Von Tease book, but I have been getting it out for research, I find it beautiful, informative and fun to read.



DSC03334 DSC03335 DSC03336 DSC03337


I love to go and see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition every year and I was lucky enough to get this book for Christmas about 2 years ago:

DSC03339 DSC03340

And finally I have some of my favourite novels and paperbacks on this shelf. Firstly the Maya Angelou autobiography series of 5 books, which I first read aged 15 but I got out again this year, I have re-read the first three and I will post a review blog when the last 2 are finished. Needless to say my experience of the world since I have last read them has made me see them in a completely different light – I had totally forgotten that she ran a brothel and worked in a strip club (more research for “STRIP”). The final pile is science philosophy and popular science books, I haven’t read any of these for ages, but I will re-read these again soon too. Schrodinger’s cat is my favourite thing in science I love what I term “quantum storytelling”, which is trying to understand bloody hard quantum equations with stories that we can relate to, although, spoiler, the cat might end up dead – sorry to ruin the ending.

DSC03328 DSC03329


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little jaunt through my bookshelf and I am going to go and try to enjoy a good night’s sleep.






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