Five fun friday favourites – moments from Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza

I have been a very lucky girl, because I have been to see Cirque Du Soleil twice in the last 3 weeks. Having wanted to go since I was a teenager, I wasn’t going to leave Vegas without seeing Ka which was playing in my hotel. It was spectacular, huge moving sets, and awe-inspiring performances. When I knew I was going to have a night in London, and found out that it coincided with Cirque Su Soleil showing at the Royal Albert Hall, I couldn’t pass up the chance to go and see Kooza.

The trailer for Kooza:

Kooza and Ka were such different shows and both amazing in their own ways, as a gymnast I was blown away by the acrobatic feats in both shows, however Kooza had more of the gymnastics skills that I love to watch. Ka has more of a storyline and, as it is a residency in Vegas, the sets are bigger, more dynamic and more integrated into the theatre. Kooza has more of the sense of a traditional circus, essentially set in a big top, with clowns and entertainment breaking up the pick-and-mix of circus acts and acrobatics, all with a back drop of live music.

So for todays Five Fun Friday Favourites here are my five favourite moments from Kooza, warning there may be mini spoilers ahead:

1. The Wheel of Death

The Wheel of Death is in Ka and Kooza, watching it leaves you breathless, it amazes me that there are even 4 performers in the world who have the skills and courage to work and astound in the double ended hamster wheel. Probably the most “gasp” moment was when one of the performers caught the skipping rope on his foot and tripped. Here is a YouTube video of a rehearsal in the wheel of death:

2. The three contortionists

Three girls who were the first main act, they entered the stage so tightly wrapped in matching gold and red catsuits that I couldn’t even tell that they were people, they unwound, contorted, balanced, climbed all over each other. Beautiful and skilful.

images-5 images

3. The ninja and the tower of chairs

This guy was beautiful, it seemed as though him and the environment around him were all one body, he was so silent and gentle as he built a tower of chairs and performed strong solid acro skills on the top of a very high tower of chairs. PS he only added the harness when he was about 3/4 of the way up:

images-4 images-6

4.The tigthrope: The point of the show where my heart was in my throat more than any other, my hands were clenched over my face I was literally on the edge of my seat, the tightrope was just insane. Plus the performer fell, he actually fell as we were watching, whilst doing a leapfrog over one of the other performers his foot missed, he saved it though, by grabbing the rope and doing an upstart to get back up, the other performers didn’t flinch! He then did it again to prove to us that he could. The bike part in the photo was the tensest moment in all of Kazaa.


5. The finale: someone did a double back on 10ft stilts off a seesaw (officially known as a teeterboard), I can’t even really explain it, you will have to go and see it. And the most spectacular was a quintuplet somersault off the seesaw – yes 5 somersaults 5! So many that I couldn’t even count, it might have been more! 5 somersaults people!!!! Wha-a-a-a-at!

Its on in London for the next few weeks so if you have the time and the cash check it out, you won’t be disappointed! I’m not sure if I am more in awe of this type of show than other audience members because I train in gymnastics and know just how high (literally sometimes) the quality of performance is, but I think that everyone can look on in disbelief as performers create a rich extravagant world of acrobatic phenomenon.

Bonus: The live music, really added to the rich inviting feel of the show.







  1. January 23, 2015 / 11:22 am

    Cripes! Heart in my mouth watching those clips. Amazing what people can do with their bodies!!

    • Becky
      January 23, 2015 / 11:25 am

      I know, i just found myself uttering a number of expletives, and also the word respect, a lot!

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