Friday Favourites – Why it is amazing to work at the Watershed

For today’s Friday Favourites, I decided to focus on the Watershed, or more accurately why its amazing to be a resident of the Pervasive Media Studio.


1. The people

The Pervasive Media Studio is FULL of driven, talented, people who think differently and who want to share and collaborate. The people and projects here all fall into the category of being in the Digital/Creative space. There are so many opportunities to have interesting conversations and develop interesting projects, businesses and products. There is just a never ending supply of energy, acceptance and dynamism – I love it. The team that run the Watershed and the Pervasive Media studio are brilliant people, they have a lot of respect from the circles they move in and therefore bring in high quality contacts, information and exciting opportunities (I say the word opportunity a lot in this blog – none of the other synonyms seem appropriate).  There is a whole list of studio residents here on the Pervasive Media Studio Website, and there are some specific people who go over and above in order to make good things happen. I am not yet on the list because I just haven’t sorted myself out!!

2. The Kudos and opportunities

Sort of as above, but I feel like it is such a privilege being a part of the Pervasive Media Studio, both the studio and the Watershed are well known and have a great reputation starting in Bristol but spreading worldwide. By being part of this family it raises my reputation and gives me new contacts.

3. The location

Bristol harbourside is one of the most beautiful places in the world, in my opinion (#nofilter)


4. The Watershed

The Watershed itself is a cafe/bar and independent cinema. It is somewhere that I have loved coming to work for a long time, and, when I can, coming to the cinema here is just lovely, some of the best films that I have seen have been here, they put on movies that aren’t necessarily shown in the bigger multiplexes.

5. The Projects

Probably the best thing about working here is the projects that I am working on. The main project is development of Interactive Scientific and its products Danceroom Spectroscopy and the Nano Simbox, I said a bit about it in a previous blog post.  I am also doing some other projects as part of my portfolio:






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