Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women's Day from Becky Sage

I have so much to say on this subject, but one thing about women is that we are not one thing. The women who I admire most are those who are open and honest about who they are in all their beautiful contradictions:

I am sensitive

I am thoughtful

I am proud

I am strong

I am flexible

I am hardworking

I am relentlessly trying to be a better person

I am empathetic

I am energetic

I am high-pitched

I am petite

I am aware of what you want from me

I am aware of what you need

I am observant

I am intelligent

I am kind

I am flippant

I am creative

I am annoyed that you take my kindness for weakness

I am frustrated that my kindness makes me weak

I am tired

I am quick

I am scared

I am brave

I am stuck inside my own head way too much

I am never quite good enough in my own eyes

I am impatient

I am logical

I am emotional

I am flawed

I am fun

I am a little too much

I am never quite enough

I am lonely

I am loved

I am witty

I am angry

I am passionate

My heart beats at a million miles an hour, wanting to make the world a happier, more connected, safer place for all of us.

I am a woman

Happy International Women’s Day




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