The sun will rise (and set)

Eughhh! Real life has struck again.

You may have gleaned from my recent posts that I have been travelling since new year. For work, not pleasure (well some pleasure) but regardless it has taken me away from real life. And whilst travelling has its own stresses it takes me away from the normal every day demands of work, home and internal pressures. Today I woke up tired, my eyes felt gritty until about lunch time and pressure was building behind my forehead. Everything I did took about 3 goes, I couldn’t find anything that I needed and leaving the house took me far too long this morning. The day was grey and cold and the traffic was horrendous.

Moan over. In order to counteract the grey January quagmire I wanted a bright blog so here is a throwback to last week, when I watched the sun rise and fall everyday in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. And just because I feel the need for a cheesy metaphor, when you are feeling low just remember that everyday the sun sets and every morning the sun will rise on a fresh new day.


Sun rise from Runyan Canyon Sunrise from Runyan Canyon, overlooking LA, Hollywood Hills Santa Monica Beach and pier, sunset  IMG_1953 IMG_1979 IMG_1997 IMG_2012  Sunset at Santa Monica, overlooking Malibu, LA


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