Having not posted a blog for almost a year, I have been drafting a whole bunch of posts explaining what I have been have been doing to keep me away from writing and the impact of not expressing my voice via this medium. However, I read on FloGymnastics that 17th September 2016 is National Gymnastics Day in ten countries, not including the UK  (and the birthday of my beautiful sister and cousin – 2 different people, my sister isn’t my cousin!) and given that gymnastics is my first love and MAJOR obsession, I thought that it was very apt to use this […]

It’s National Gymnastics Day – according to someone, somewhere….

I am very excited to share with you some of my experiences from the World Gymnastics Championships. It takes a lot for me to be happy to be a spectator rather than a participant, but World Class level gym is spectacular, dramatic and extremely emotional. There have been a number of stories, of loss, disappointment, outrage, triumph and pure joy all of which are topped off by super human physical feats. For every dream that comes true someone else’s heart is broken, and EVERY one of the competitors has put everything into the preparation leading to the world stage. I […]

My experiences at the world gymnastics championships

Hi everyone I was going to write a serious blog today about women in science, it is a subject about which I have a lot to say and I have a lot of experience of. However, it is Saturday (now Sunday), it has been a long week and my heart and mind do not want to reach deeply into a subject that involves me having to delve into difficult times, try not to step on people’s toes and articulate my thoughts in a reasoned manner. For many reasons this is a topic that is not appropriate to tackle via a […]

A post NOT about women in science – by a ...

Yoga pose, king dancer
January has been full of online challenges this year. Not only have I been doing a 28 day blogging challenge but I have also just come to the end of a month long yoga challenge with @rebelaffair and hosts @nwoy, @jennifermartinyoga, @actionjacquelyn, @northcarolina_yogagirl. It has been an amazing challenge to do as it has connected me to amazing yoga people around the world and encouraged me to do some practice every day. I haven’t really improved my postures over the month but I have been having a challenging physical time, and just a bit of practice everyday has stopped me […]

Five Fun Friday Favourites – January Yoga Poses

In honour of the 2014 World Championships taking place in Nanning this week I thought that I would post my ideal top ten gymnasts (of those who are competing). These aren’t the girls that I think should get the top ten places in the current code but the ones that I wish would place in the top ten. Who would you want to see in the top ten? Regardless they are ALL huge inspirations to me, as people and as gymnasts. In order: 1. Aliya Mustafina Pure class, she is elegant, rhythmic and beautiful to watch. Her difficulty is high but […]

My Top Ten Gymnasts at Nanning 2014