South West

Please meet Anita. Previously a fifteen year old prostitute, she is now locked in an old fashioned repressive mental hospital and all her mental health symptoms have come to light. She is a character I played in the new show “wEight Off My Shoulders”, directed by Gabriele Paoli and produced by theĀ Italian Cultural Centre of Bristol. I think that it represented a society that would rather define individuals as suffering from mental health conditions than focusing on the societal pressures that make those symptoms come to light. I loved working with some very talented, female (and 1 male) actors I […]

Anita – crazy lady

  It was my birthday last week, and I didn’t have any big celebrations or lots of presents, as I was on tour and prepping for a couple of important auditions. However, I did give pause for thought about what has happened this year and to give myself a little pat on the back for the journey I have taken. I started the year with some pretty difficult things happening and it is easy to let negatives overpower our memories, so, here is an appreciation of what I am grateful for. I do admit to some self-indulgence as I remember […]

It’s my birthday :)

A friend of mine recently passed away unexpectedly. He was not someone that I saw regularly but he was a friend to me as well as being an ex colleague and, as always, death causes a reflection on life and a pause for thought. He was someone who I admire for the following reasons: 1) He wasn’t afraid to be different (in fact I think that he thrived on it) – he was tall and loud and wore a wide brimmed hat. 2) He said what he thought, even if others didn’t like it. He made some enemies but he […]

A Devonshire Tribute