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Having not posted a blog for almost a year, I have been drafting a whole bunch of posts explaining what I have been have been doing to keep me away from writing and the impact of not expressing my voice via this medium. However, I read on FloGymnastics that 17th September 2016 is National Gymnastics Day in ten countries, not including the UK  (and the birthday of my beautiful sister and cousin – 2 different people, my sister isn’t my cousin!) and given that gymnastics is my first love and MAJOR obsession, I thought that it was very apt to use this […]

It’s National Gymnastics Day – according to someone, somewhere….

I am very excited to share with you some of my experiences from the World Gymnastics Championships. It takes a lot for me to be happy to be a spectator rather than a participant, but World Class level gym is spectacular, dramatic and extremely emotional. There have been a number of stories, of loss, disappointment, outrage, triumph and pure joy all of which are topped off by super human physical feats. For every dream that comes true someone else’s heart is broken, and EVERY one of the competitors has put everything into the preparation leading to the world stage. I […]

My experiences at the world gymnastics championships

Hi everyone I was going to write a serious blog today about women in science, it is a subject about which I have a lot to say and I have a lot of experience of. However, it is Saturday (now Sunday), it has been a long week and my heart and mind do not want to reach deeply into a subject that involves me having to delve into difficult times, try not to step on people’s toes and articulate my thoughts in a reasoned manner. For many reasons this is a topic that is not appropriate to tackle via a […]

A post NOT about women in science – by a ...

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, sometimes I am lucky enough to sleep through it but know when I wake with deep exhaustion that the pain has still been there even if I wasn’t consciously sensing it until my moment of waking. I was so hot and I could not cool myself down, and so so thirsty. Pain shuddered around my body, making its way sharply to my feet, that spasmed and kicked away the duvet prison that pressed hard like rusty nails digging through my big toes. My fingers are creaky and weak, my elbows and […]

Breaking the pain barrier

I have been very aware recently that everyone is in transition. That is probably a very obvious thing to say. It is September, summer is turning to autumn, days are getting shorter so there is no light in the morning to wake you up, the weather is getting colder, people are going back to school/university and new projects are springing up everywhere now that the holidays are over. The strange thing about it is that no one has really been ready, or aware of this transition until it is too late. I have heard so many people say how exhausted […]

Time for transition

Happy Easter everyone! I was meant to be going away for the day today, I’d blocked out a trip to the beach with my Auntie and Uncle because I felt like it was important to share some time with them and be with family on Easter day. Unfortunately, I felt atrocious when I woke up this morning and I am still not feeling great, so instead of spending 5 hours driving I have spent most of the day sleeping. I did find sometime to take a walk from my house and take some springtime photos. In the spirit of Easter […]

Happy Easter

It was my birthday this week and  I use my birthday as a day to look back and see what I have accomplished over the year and take a deep breath before stepping into the next set of challenges hopefully getting older and wiser whilst I pass the anniversary of my birth. The past year has definitely been the best year of my life in many ways, I have found certain things pretty stressful but I do feel like I am getting more and more comfortable in my skin and working hard to make my life one that serves me and helps me […]

Another year older

Next month my brother in law, Jon, is running the London Marathon, he is not one of these crazy people who goes around running loads of marathon, but he has worked tirelessly, training and getting fitter so he can reach his goal to run the marathon in order to help a cause that is important to him, Penny Brohn Cancer Care. I think that is pretty awesome and deserves celebrating. Please, please, please give any donation that you can afford on his just giving page, you know it will make you feel a little bit good about yourself, it will […]

Quick request

Earlier today a friend of mine challenged me to give up sweets for a week. Always one to step up to a challenge, I have surrendered to the task and decided to keep away from the haribo, bon bons, fruit pastilles, fried eggs, sour cherries, jelly babies, dolly mixture, hard gums……oh my mouth is watering! Now, I’m not quite sure what the rules are for this challenge so I guess that I should lay down the guidelines for myself: 1. No pick-n-mix even the chocolate ones; 2. Obviously no gummy, boiled, liquorice or sherbet sweets; 3. Chocolate or cakes not allowed – I don’t tend […]

Sweet surrender

So this blog was going to be about how rubbish I am at being ill, but Lottie Lane got there first and posted a similar blog yesterday, so instead this is a how to guide, for myself, and anyone else who is trying to get through these horrible winter illnesses. I will describe some of the annoying behaviours I show when I am ill and how I might try to do it better next time. Bloody hell, I’m such a perfectionist I even have to plan how to be ill better! Right now I seem to be suffering with the […]

How to get through a virus….