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Jon after finishing the Bath half marathon, Leo thinks it is pretty cool!

Next month my brother in law, Jon, is running the London Marathon, he is not one of these crazy people who goes around running loads of marathon, but he has worked tirelessly, training and getting fitter so he can reach his goal to run the marathon in order to help a cause that is important to him, Penny Brohn Cancer Care. I think that is pretty awesome and deserves celebrating.

Please, please, please give any donation that you can afford on his just giving page, you know it will make you feel a little bit good about yourself, it will make me feel good, it will make Jon feel good, it will make Penny Brohn feel good AND it will especially make the people who are suffering with cancer who get to make the most of what Penny Brohn offer feel some good. So that is a lot of goodness for a lot of people, if you just click on the link below, press donate and part with a few tiny pounds.

Jon’s just giving page

If everyone who reads this gives just £1, Jon will hit his target!


The bit about Penny Brohn:

Penny Brohn Cancer Care changes the lives of people with cancer and their families. We are here to provide care, support, advice, therapy and counselling to improve quality of life and help manage the fear and devastation that a cancer diagnosis brings. Please support us and help us to continue to be there for people living with cancer.

For those of you who are in Bristol, like me, the Penny Brohn centre is right on our doorstep, and without being morbid, you never know when this could be a centre that helps you feel good through a tricky time.




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