Dubai diary 7

It is going to be a quick one today mostly pictures, because I am feeling tired and my computer is playing up!

Yesterday we did two shows, the first was to a full house of schools and the second was our first evening show, they were extremely contrasting audiences, with the schools being extremely vocal, a little chatty and very supportive. It turns out that there is a different theatre etiquette here, possibly because there is not much exposure to theatre, and on the whole I liked it. The level of despair expressed by the audience during the Romeo and Juliet death scene was massively heightened, with screams of “no” “don’t do it” as Juliet takes her final line. Some of the audience took some photos, some can be seen on my twitter and these are courtesy of @AltawilNoor


hWSTakqY.jpg-small NmdER4Ba.jpg-small-2 kyhtRpz6.jpg-small


We also had a lot of time between shows so we went to the beach and saw a lot of ridiculously expensive cars: 10991449_10153138203856155_8958955446469845993_n


IMG_2444 IMG_2442 IMG_2439 IMG_2438 IMG_2437 IMG_2436 IMG_2457 IMG_2444 IMG_2442 IMG_2436I have also been making sure that I keep up yoga and fitness every day. Yoga is so important, to keep everything supple and malleable, my joints are not feeling too good at all and so I am taking some strong pain killers but they don’t stop the stiffness. It also helps me to stay relaxed and prepare for the show, check out my instagram (link on the side bar) for more yoga shots.







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