Last night was the first public showing of Investigation, a film that I star in, and I took the opportunity to give me the impetus I needed to update my showreel. So for your viewing pleasure, here is my new showreel. Be warned, the language in it is explicit from the offset so if you are sensitive to such things watch it with the sound down!

My new showreel

For today’s Friday Favourites, I decided to focus on the Watershed, or more accurately why its amazing to be a resident of the Pervasive Media Studio. 1. The people The Pervasive Media Studio is FULL of driven, talented, people who think differently and who want to share and collaborate. The people and projects here all fall into the category of being in the Digital/Creative space. There are so many opportunities to have interesting conversations and develop interesting projects, businesses and products. There is just a never ending supply of energy, acceptance and dynamism – I love it. The team that run the […]

Friday Favourites – Why it is amazing to work at ...

I’m performing this weekend and it makes me so happy. There are very few times in life when the real essence of me escapes the everyday shell that I wear, but when I am on stage (or in front of a camera) my life-force explodes showering over the unsuspecting audience. What I am saying is that I feel most like me and most truthful when I am pretending to be another person – weird, right?!? Yesterday was a blissful day for me, exhausting, but blissful, rehearsing two different shows and performing Romeo and Juliet, as well as writing a blog, doing a […]

Hey diddly dee – an actor’s life for me

I have recently started working on a project which is ideal for me, it is called danceroom Spectroscopy (dS) and it ticks a lot of Becky boxes! I would describe dS as a system that visualises the nano-world and enables human “energy fields” to interact with it.  The visualisations come from up-to-date chemical physics models that scientists use to describe what happens in the world of atoms, molecules and other tiny invisible particles. Quantum physics has always been one of my favourite parts of science as it is a bit of a fantasy world that doesn’t necessary behave in an obvious […]

Creative science

Please meet Anita. Previously a fifteen year old prostitute, she is now locked in an old fashioned repressive mental hospital and all her mental health symptoms have come to light. She is a character I played in the new show “wEight Off My Shoulders”, directed by Gabriele Paoli and produced by the Italian Cultural Centre of Bristol. I think that it represented a society that would rather define individuals as suffering from mental health conditions than focusing on the societal pressures that make those symptoms come to light. I loved working with some very talented, female (and 1 male) actors I […]

Anita – crazy lady

I am lucky to live half way between Bristol and Bath, both cities have a very vibrant fringe theatre scene. Bristol has just cerebrated Mayfest, just over a week of adventurous theatre for playful people. I was only able to go to shows over the final weekend, which is frustrating as there were so many things that I wanted to see.  Although probably good because multiple shows do start to put a strain on the purse strings (even though individual shows were very good value). Here is my round up of my time at Mayfest: Friday night found me nibbling olives […]

My Mayfest

Age is something that society seems extremely obsessed with, I don’t personally understand it, other than a form of judging people based on what they look like. In the acting industry it makes a lot of sense, we have to portray a character that is believable to the audience, which includes matching our physical appearance to the circumstances of the character. I recently got a new set of headshots done by a wonderful headshot photographer called Anna Hull. She was able to get varied shots, and she only used natural light, which I think adds to the authentic nature of […]

What’s my age again?

  It was my birthday last week, and I didn’t have any big celebrations or lots of presents, as I was on tour and prepping for a couple of important auditions. However, I did give pause for thought about what has happened this year and to give myself a little pat on the back for the journey I have taken. I started the year with some pretty difficult things happening and it is easy to let negatives overpower our memories, so, here is an appreciation of what I am grateful for. I do admit to some self-indulgence as I remember […]

It’s my birthday :)