pervasive media studio

For today’s Friday Favourites, I decided to focus on the Watershed, or more accurately why its amazing to be a resident of the Pervasive Media Studio. 1. The people The Pervasive Media Studio is FULL of driven, talented, people who think differently and who want to share and collaborate. The people and projects here all fall into the category of being in the Digital/Creative space. There are so many opportunities to have interesting conversations and develop interesting projects, businesses and products. There is just a never ending supply of energy, acceptance and dynamism – I love it. The team that run the […]

Friday Favourites – Why it is amazing to work at ...

It has all gone a bit crazy over the last couple of weeks with all projects seeming to kick off at once, but that is great because I have a lot of things to get my teeth into. The biggest project that I am working on at the moment is danceroom Spectroscopy – or at least that is what I have been calling it until now, we are in fact creating a brand new product and you can see us testing it at the Pervasive Media Studio here: Playing with H2O with @Becky_sage and all wishing we had @danceSpec's Nano-Glove […]