It is going to be a quick one today mostly pictures, because I am feeling tired and my computer is playing up! Yesterday we did two shows, the first was to a full house of schools and the second was our first evening show, they were extremely contrasting audiences, with the schools being extremely vocal, a little chatty and very supportive. It turns out that there is a different theatre etiquette here, possibly because there is not much exposure to theatre, and on the whole I liked it. The level of despair expressed by the audience during the Romeo and […]

Dubai diary 7

We have finally opened our show to Dubai audiences and it was amazing. The two shows today were largely school’s parties, which fits Romeo and Juliet very well. Juliet is the same age as the majority of the audience so I think that they can relate to a lot of the things that she goes through. The disagreements and subsequent blow-ups with her parents, her bossiness, her sweetness, flirtations and awakening desires.   The audiences lifted my performance, my version of Juliet directs a lot of her monologues directly to the audience and the relationship with them is very important. […]

Dubai Diary 5 – opening night!

Wow, I can’t believe it is time for Dubai Diary number 4 already! Today (Tuesday 10th) was all day at the theatre, it was a technical rehearsal followed by the dress rehearsal. All-in-all it went very smoothly, in fact the technical rehearsal, which is notoriously arduous, went swimmingly.   However, I personally felt a little clunky and out of the zone. Usually in a tech rehearsal you don’t get to do most of your scenes you do top and tailing – which means you skip from technical que to technical que. The technical rehearsal is exactly what it says on […]

Dubai Diary 4

We also did a pop up show in the Madinat Souk, which is a tourist souk near the theatre. Performing in a public space is tricky because people aren’t there to focus on you, so you have to work really hard to get them to stop talking and pay attention. The space is also totally different so you just have fun improvising movements and projecting your voice. This was a bit of a publicity thing to let the tourists know that we are here all week with a special Valentines show at the weekend – the Madinat is very much set […]

Dubai Diary 3

I have been rehearsing Romeo and Juliet for months now for a tour in Dubai in February. However in order to perform in Dubai you have to get official government approval, we have been waiting on tenterhooks for ages, knowing that the whole thing will be derailed if the government decide that we are not allowed to do the show. But today we finally got approval for the shows which will be on at the Madinat Theatre from the 11th – 14th February. Yay!!   I am playing Juliet so, in celebration, I am going to share my top ten Juliet […]

Top ten lines from Romeo and Juliet

With the seasons changing and a lot of projects kicking off I would like to take this opportunity to reflect back on the beautiful autumn with these lovely photos taken in the bliss of crisp, blue sky, red-leaved autumnal goodness. These photos were taken at Chew Valley Lake, which has a special place in my heart for so many reasons. I have updated my current projects page and in the coming months I will regularly be blogging about the progress of the projects. So keep checking back if you want to see me transform into a star-crossed lover, uncover the […]

Autumn catch up