I BETT I can teach you a thing or two about tech education – BETT 2015 part 1

Today I’m at the the world’s leading educational technology conference, BETT. Me and apparently 35000 others! This is the first part of my blog which I will add to with new parts as the day progresses (wifi permitting).

I am here to get a feel for a what this industry is like and to understand how we infiltrate deep into it. I am convinced that with the right commercial direction and the buy in of teachers the Interactive Scientific product I described in Tuesday’s blog, can be a game changer in science education, making it accessible to a much wider range of learners than traditional methods and opening the door to new, multidisciplinary ways of learning science.

I’m here to meet the key players in the education publishing world, and other people who have ventured into the digital education world by creating software, apps, blogs. I want to know you all!! I also want to understand best practice and successful business models. Please get in touch if you want to meet me over the next couple of days (details below).

All of that just sounded very corporate so now time to move on to my own neuroses.

So, it is time to roll up my sleeves enter the Excel Centre and meet a lot of new people. Conferencing is not natural to me, because I hate things that are fake: fake smiles, schmoozing, talking to people I don’t know, fluorescent lighting, air-conditioning,talking up myself or my company. All of this stuff combined with my natural introversion means that I am exhausted before I’ve even started. However, this time I don’t have to lie about myself or the product. I am comfortable to be myself and I am comfortable that we are creating something that is worth creating which means that the conversations are likely to be natural and actually helpful and interesting. If you want to know more about what I am doing in this education tech arena please check back to the previous blog or look at the Danceroom Spectroscopy website.

I’m also here with a good friend of mine, Richard Male, who is also super talented when it comes to commercialising tech and talking to a lot of people. His website is www.richardmale.co.uk.

If you are at #BETT2015 tweet me @becky_sage or leave your experiences in the comments below.


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