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Today has been a mixture of amazing things and rubbish things. Sorry to be frightfully British, but the weather, eughhhh! It is  so grey that I am suspicious about whether or not the sun actually rose at all and If the sun is having a duvet day then why can’t I! And then my tax return, a poltergeist had stolen all my relevant paperwork required to submit it, and when I finally did manage to get all the information that I needed I got burned by the tax man, I know, inevitable, needless to say I know where all of this month’s income is going. I will say more about this freelancing shizzle in a future blog. And then there is  now, right now, I have a headache and it is getting worse, it is pounding on the left hand side of my head, my glands and tongue are swollen and I feel close to throwing up, which often indicates that a migraine is on the way. So I have prioritised my blog over work and from here on in I am going to focus on one of the more sparkly parts of the day.

I did something new today, something that I have wanted to do for years and years. Something that I resolved to do in my blog Coming up ….in 2015:

Take pride in my work, views and appearance, which involves taking lessons or up-skilling where necessary, but also involves putting things “out-there” more often. I will take singing lessons and work on improving the quality of my YouTube videos;

Well I am pleased to say that today I had my first ever singing lesson, something that would have take me tremendous courage in the past, and whilst I also resolved to show courage in 2015, I didn’t actually feel the need to summon any, I just felt excited. I guess that is down to the affirmative power of writing and publishing something but also how comfortable I feel in my skin at the moment.

When I say I haven’t had singing lessons before it is not entirely true, I have had group classes as part of acting training courses and I have sung on stage a few times before. I love to sing, it is one of my true releases. But I have never had one on one serious focused singing lessons, and for someone like me who needs instant feedback and validation one on one is a way for me to move forward quickly.

Just like any creative pursuit, singing sweeps me up into a bubble where time is warped, an hour felt like 10 minutes and the release was amazing. Today we focused on placement of my voice and started to learn a couple of songs as well as doing some exercises, which I think that will pay dividends when it comes to the quality of my voice. It was so much fun and it felt like I was progressing a skill that I’ve always wanted to improve.

This is video my “before” singing, perhaps after a few more lessons I’ll be brave enough to upload a proper singing video:

And if you would rather watch an expert at work here is Dani, my teacher working her own singing magic:


Do you have an itch that needs scratching? Have you tried something new recently? Do you want to? Let me know in the comments below.






  1. January 21, 2015 / 5:26 pm

    Good for you Becky! I absolutely love singing. I used to take singing lessons about two years ago. I haven’t sang in, I don’t know how long so I’m making myself join a choir tomorrow. Fingers crossed it goes well for me 🙂

    • Becky
      January 21, 2015 / 7:01 pm

      By the sounds of it, we could make a whole CBWM choir with all the aspirational singers. Which choir are you joining? Sounds fun!

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