What is Leadership Coaching?

What is Leadership Coaching?

Do you want to be a leader but you aren’t confident about leading projects or others?

Do you have a burning drive to make something happen but you aren’t sure how or what?

Do you see yourself as a leader? And you need some support through all the challenges that leading throws your way.

Do you find yourself placed in a position of leadership and you are looking for ways to carry out your role more effectively and with less stress?

Everyone is a potential leader, we all have projects, dreams, jobs, adventures that we want to make happen, they might seem small or they might be grand businesses or movements. Either way we all need some help if we are to go from vision to reality.

In the world right now we are surrounded by big challenges and sometimes they can feel daunting, you might have great ideas or a burning desire to make a change and you might feel frustrated about not being able to make a difference. So step up and take lead – if not you then who? Don’t fret, you don’t have to go on this journey alone.

As with all my sessions we start with getting you clear on your vision, once your vision is crystal clear we set goals to help you achieve that vision and then work on overcoming the challenges that help you to reach those goals.

As someone who has been in a leadership role in a number of different organisations and projects I have developed a great deal of techniques that help me along the way. I bring these techniques into the sessions with you. The things that we can work on include:

  • Overcoming fear or anxiety
  • Clarifying your messaging
  • Building a confident, cohesive team
  • Working on organisational culture
  • Feeling positive about generating and managing income
  • Becoming a confident speaker
  • Making sure that you remain healthy and balanced in your life

My leadership coaching sessions are 55 minute virtual sessions, carried out on Skype and you can sign up for as many or as few as you need, it is simple to book online and you can do it at your convenience. The rate is £75 per session. The structure of all sessions except the first one is:

  • Quick check in
  • Review previous tasks that we have agreed
  • Focus on your current goals/challenges
  • Introduction to new tools/techniques that might be helpful for helping you to solve your problems
  • Set a new set of tasks that will help you move closer to your goal

If you are interested in face to face sessions then we will agree a separate rate.

Use the form below to request Leadership Coaching with me:

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