What is executive coaching?

What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching is the coaching that I offer to individuals (or small teams) who are in the early stages of their business and the coaching is based on what I wish I’d had in the early days. Over time I have learned that building self esteem, confidence and clarity of vision in the person or people in executive roles are the first thing that need to be established in order to build a firm foundation from which the business can grow.

These early stage founders need the most support but do not have the time or budget to bring in board members or significant advisory teams. Most likely you haven’t yet found product-market fit or got investment and you are doing all the jobs in the business. You might not realise it now but this is the time when you have the most opportunity to get your personal goals and the business goals aligned. If the two things are not on the same page then things will unravel quickly down the line. You are not confined by having to pay a team, deliver to investors milestones or honour a customer contract that is no longer working for you. Now is the time to get clear on your vision, your goals and the actions that are going to get you there.

Executive coaching differs from regular coaching because I offer significantly more practical support. I will review your monthly finances, give you a sounding board for plans, review contracts, provide templates, show you routes to funding, review your deck and introduce you to my extensive network, where appropriate. It is like having a board level advisor focused on helping you but without having to jump in with two feet.

Because I believe in the “people first” methodology of business growth our sessions will combine reviews of activity with a focus on the founder(s)/executive, using coaching techniques to help you overcome challenges, build your confidence and give you the toolkit that you need to run a business that reflects you and adds values to your customers and the world.

Different executives will need different things, so sessions will be tailored to your needs. The monthly package includes:

  • 1 face to face or 2 virtual meetings (60mins each)
  • Pre- meeting prep including review of finances
  • Introductions to my network
  • Document templates
  • Monthly priority topics e.g:
    • Building your team
    • Fundraising
    • Building your sales pipeline
    • Dealing with toxic people

We will begin by getting clear on your vision and goals, once that is established we will work together to deliver the goals, as well as periodically reviewing the goals adapting as required.

The fee for executive coaching is £200 pcm. If an individual is keen to have more sessions than those in the package then they can be added on at a rate of £75 per session.

If you think that this type of coaching could be useful for you or your early stage business then please contact me using the form below:

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