Why do I need to write?

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In January and February I spent a period of time when I blogged everyday as part of “Come Blog With Me”. However, since the challenge stopped I have struggled to write and post, in fact I have struggled to even decide whether or not to write.

This says a lot about me as a person, when I have someone watching me or some kind of validation to say “you should do that” then I just get my head down and get on with things, I don’t have a problem with making things happen. Writing everyday did not stress me out at all, I never thought “what shall I write about?” or “will people like this?” because to me that wasn’t the point of blogging in the first place.

I love writing everyday, in fact I think that it is an important thing for me to do, because:

1. It clears out my thoughts and anxieties and celebrates the good stuff

By consistently writing about what is on my mind it stops me from ruminating on things that are worrying me, stopping slight frets from turning into full-blown fears and when those anxieties to step in writing helps to put them into perspective or find ways to meander difficult paths. Documenting the good stuff makes it all the better to, and serves as a good reminder on a bad day. Recently it feels like there are a number of sad and difficult things happening in the world and so whilst my little problems, mulling or self-congratulation may seem flippant I hope that it serves as a reflection or a distraction.

2. It connects me with people

Come Blog With Me connected me directly to a whole bunch of bloggers, everyone was supportive about writing, but also the content of the writing, I realised that there are more people that feel the same way than people who are different. By writing I also helped other people to speak about things and connect with me over shared experiences and thoughts, in the virtual world and the real world. But the connection went wider than that, my friends and family responded on subject matters that we’ve never really tackled in person or that we don’t have time to talk about face-to-face, a blog has the power to open doors that in real life seem slammed shut.

 3. It keeps my profile up and demonstrates who I am and what I do

This is more for me than anyone else (which probably sounds completely contradictory). If I know people are watching then I feel more compelled to drive forward the things that are important to me, and to keep focused on my goals. I know that we should do things for ourselves and not for others, but what I do doesn’t really mean anything without relating it to the outside world. I don’t write to please other people but, as an introvert, writing and photos are an easier way for me to be myself on a day-today basis and it feels good to get to be myself as much as possible, and to keep reminding myself of where I want to be.

We all also know that in the workplace it is important to carve out your own identity and opinions and this blog is one way for me to do that.


I thought that it was unrealistic to keep going everyday, I thought that it would be better to write with care and consideration, to spend a lot of time researching, for making sure the rest of my website is up to scratch and working hard in the rest of my life.

But the truth is life doesn’t correlate as simply as “the more I do the less time I have”, by not blogging it hasn’t freed up any time, and I have been busy but my Come Blog With Me experience showed that half an hour writing every day, even when I was really busy, actually creates more time than not doing it, because it declutters my mind. The things that I wanted to replace the time that I spent on blogging have not really happened anyway.

So I guess that I have come to the conclusion that I am going to keep posting. I will write once a day, maybe not always post, but most days.

And once in a while I will give myself time off, but for now, in the words of THE MASK (because I fancied an obscure 90’s reference) …………

I’m Back!!!


PS Now I’m going to go and dance to the Spice Girls, wearing a belly chain and a T-Shirt that changes colour in the heat, I think that they are called hyper colour (because one obscure 90’s reference wasn’t enough).




  1. March 8, 2015 / 10:54 pm

    Oh Becky I can so relate. I’ve been completely rubbish at writing since the end of CBWM.
    Well done for noticing and taking action! x

    • Becky
      March 9, 2015 / 9:13 am

      Thanks Lotte, and thanks for getting me going in the first place! I genuinely believe that just writing every day helps to train me to stop procrastinating or worrying, I guess that is probably referred to as discipline!

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